Australia is the wondrous country in the southern hemisphere of the earth. In many ways, It is different from most other places you may have visited. It has a different weather pattern, the biodiversity of Australia is massively different from other continents and the geography is unique in its own ways. Apart from those wonderful things.

For travelers, It will offer a bunch of destinations all with their own unique USP. One of the most striking attractions of Australia is its vast coral reef colony which is the largest in the world. This draws divers, scientists, and nature enthusiast explores the amazing underwater world near the shores. It also has some extraordinary population of animals that is found nowhere else. The Kangaroo is the national animal of the country. Two of the world most poisonous snakes – the Inland Taipan and the Brown Snake are found in Australia. The most cities of Australia like Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane have tons of attractions within themselves as well as around them.

Feel free to explore the most prominent Australia destinations in this section.



The sunny and sophisticated capital of the state Queensland in Australia, the city of Brisbane is a place where South Bank’s cultural institutions meet riverside gardens and lagoons. Brisbane is one of the oldest cities


One of the most populous cities in Australia, Melbourne is the capital of Australian state of victoria. Also known as the “Most Liveable City” the city is also marked by UNESCO as The city of
trip perth


The capital and largest city of the Australian State of Western Australia. It is the fourth most populous city in Australia with a majority of metropolitan area located on the Swan Coastal Plain which is
sydney bridge


The country of Australia often termed as “Island Continent” is a popular country in terms of tourism. Tourism in Australia is an important component of the Australian Economy. The most populous city in the country