The city of Angels is the capital of Thailand and boasts the modern face of this Asian country. The city is known for its vibrant street life showcasing a wide display of culture, entertainment, and food. Bangkok is widely traveled travel destination and a trip to this will unfold a culture depicting Hinduism and Buddhism alike.

In Bangkok, you will find the famous industries and brand fighting for space on billboards. The whole city has a modern face. But therein also lies some ancient monuments, theme parks, zoos, festive streets etc. that makes Bangkok a unique travel destination.

Prominent Attractions

Depending on the kind of traveler you are there are numerous options of things to do in Bangkok. Someone into Buddhism would love to travel around and visit the marvelous temples in Bangkok. Two the famous ones, the Wat Phra and Wat Arun temples give you the glimpses of Hinduism in this dominantly Buddhist country. These Pagoda style temples, with spires in the top, are memoirs of Khmer-style architecture. The statue of Golden Buddha, locally known as Phra Phuttha Maha, is made of 550 kg gold and is a jaw-dropping site. The Wat Saket temple on an artificial hilltop is an excellent piece of architecture and a great site to view the city.

For street walkers and shopping freaks, there are numerous streets meant just for that. The Yaowarat road is typical the old world of Bangkok and homes their traditional market of restaurants, clothing and daily needs. The Sukhumvit road is a bustling street of walkers and window shoppers. The Terminal 21 mall and several others like that make Sukhumvit in Bangkok a must visit destination. The MBK Center, the Chatuchak weekend market, the Khaosan road at night are some of the must-visit places around here.

Numerous monuments are also highly recommended by HelpTravelerOnline. The Grand Palace is the home royal family and is a museum open to the public.The Vimanmek mansion made out of teak was made by King Rama V in 1900.The Ananta Samakhom Throne hall is the museum where you can get familiar with Thai artifacts and crafts.

More places of interest in Bangkok are the Safari World as a marine life park. The Siam Park City is another amusement park destinations perfect make your children go gaga.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

From November to January is the best time to Bangkok. It is during this time of the year that temperatures are alright.



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