Caribbean Island

The Caribbean Island numbers more than 700, forming myriad shapes and size of nature informs reefs, caves and islets. In other words, Caribbean Sea with its islands and water bodies forms the Caribbean Islands region, now a hotbed tourist destination. This region is in the southern side of Gulf of Mexico, close to Florida in the United States.

The Caribbean offers you Rum and reggae offered in its placid and breathtaking coastlines. The region is dominated by Indians and African tribes, with people from other ethnicities as well who were brought in by Europeans as laborers. Today, Jamaica and Bahamas are amongst the most visited destinations, because of what it offers to its visitors. Collectively known as West Indies, this Caribbean island region is optimum for a leisure holiday.

Check out the prominent Caribbean destinations below:

Caribbean Islands Bahamas


The jewel of Caribbean Islands is the Bahamas, known for its wide turquoise green beaches and splendid attractions for sea sports. The country is actually a formation of hundreds of islands, called archipelago. The Paradise
Caribbean Islands Bonaire


Bonaire is an island in Caribbean sea, which is a colony or rather a municipality of Dutch. Bonaire is especially rich in biodiversity and sea life, making it a favored destination for naturalists and wildlife


The group of islands collectively form the Grenada nation with the main called Grenada. The island is popular for its nutmeg plantation that gave it a second name of Spice Isle. But mainly, it is
Caribbean Islands Jamaica


Jamaica is home to Bob Marley and indeed reggae is flowing in every street and corner of Jamaica. Although, rum and reggae are not the only things to do in Jamaica. The lush green landscapes